What’s the Analyst Recommendation for Energy Focus Inc. (EFOI)?

Energy Focus Inc. (EFOI) share price plummeted -1.85% with the closing price of $8.23 on Wednesday. Energy Focus Inc. stock has an exchanging volume of 8.12 million shares, which is high, contrasted with its 3-months average volume of 71.89K shares. Its market capitalization has now reached to $24.95M and analysts have a consensus target price of $11.00 in the 12-month period.

Energy Focus Launches Advanced UV-C Disinfection Product Portfolio Offering Airborne and Surface Disinfection Solutions for Commercial and Residential Indoor Environments on October 14, 2020 at Yahoo.

Energy Focus, Inc. (EFOI), recently launched a portfolio of germicidal UV-C Disinfection (“UVCD”) products, with advanced, patent-pending technologies designed to destroy 99.9+ percent* of various pathogens, including influenza and coronaviruses such as SARS and SARS-CoV-2, in the air or on surfaces to improve indoor hygiene and sanitation. Three initial products – nUVo™, abUV™, and mUVe™ — complement each other to meet the needs of air and surface disinfection for commercial, industrial and residential indoor environments. The products are available for pre-order on the Company’s e-commerce website, through its internal salesforce and distribution channel partners, and deliveries are expected to start during the first quarter of 2021.

Leveraging and integrating a broad range of rapidly advancing technologies — including LED lighting, UV lighting, electronics, software, sensors, cloud and AI — the Energy Focus UVCD solutions aim to provide impactful and affordable disinfection products for businesses and homes to effectively reduce infection risks. In addition to being ozone-free, the products are designed to guard against the risks of direct human exposure to UV-C rays. abUVTM and nUVoTM include enclosed, self-contained UV-C disinfection units that continuously inactivate viruses while reducing overall pathogen levels in the air. mUVeTM incorporates advanced sensor, machine vision and autonomous technologies to avoid human exposure during disinfection operations.

The core germicidal far ultraviolet (UV-C) lighting spectrum used in Energy Focus’ new products, at 254 nanometers (nm) wavelength, has been scientifically proven to be effective for inactivating pathogens by breaking the DNA and RNA bonds in cells of certain bacteria, fungi, mold and viruses, making them incapable of duplicating. Other longer wavelength UV spectrums, such as UV-A and UV-B, are unable to directly inactivate viruses. And unlike other disinfectants that are composed of irritating and environmentally harmful chemicals, UV-C disinfection produces no harmful byproducts or environmental waste. In addition, while chemical disinfectants require extensive, expensive and unreliable manual deployment, we believe Energy Focus UVCD solutions are capable of providing affordable continuous disinfection with optimal effectiveness and safety.

EFOI Past Trading Activity

The market tends to become urbane often, in any event, for prepared investors and traders. In any event, when a merchant got what he/she had expected, the market occasionally chooses to move the other way. This instability leads a few traders questioning and re-thinking their moves. This is the reason becoming acquainted with past price performance, just as both long and short time period, is significant. If we look the past performance, during the last one week, EFOI price has rose by 7.09%. In the course of past three months sees the stock go up around 52.22%, while it has gain 283.92% over the past six months and 248.06% since the start of the year.

EFOI Earning History

Earnings per share are the amount of profit that a company produces during a specific period, which is usually defined as a quarter (three calendar months) or a year. In recent quarter of (Sep 2020), the firm recorded a revenue of 3.33 billion, which was higher than the gauge of 6.18M made by certain experts. For that equivalent quarter, Energy Focus Inc. posted -$1.36 earnings per share (EPS) which was underneath the consensus estimate of -$0.37 by -$0.99, which represents to a reduction by -267.60%.

EFOI Price Performance

Let us presently take a gander at a portion of its probable help and opposition resistance. Late research on Energy Focus Inc. has seen its stock exchanging -29.01% underneath its three-month high price. A glance at the opposite side additionally observes stock exchanging +81.79% above its three-month low. A more extensive look sees EFOI exchanging -16.06% beneath its 52-week high and 920.45% above from its 52-week low price.

EFOI Instability & Beta Factor

The Volatility of a stock means that the stock’s drop or increase in the event that the more extensive market drops or rushes. A beta score higher than 1 implies that a stock is profoundly unpredictable while underneath 1 implies that the Volatility of a stock is low. If we look trading Volatility. Its 7-day Volatility is around 14.98%, while it has a month to month instability of 8.99%. The company has an ATR (Average True Range) of 0.76 and a beta factor of 2.87.

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